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dark phoenix easter eggs

It's never referred to as such, but this is Genosha and Simon Kinberg has described it as "sort of Oz for mutants". If Dark Phoenix is the final film in the first X-Men movie series, then it is a fitting sendoff. Ad. Dark Phoenix provides the link back to the beginning, having Jean offer the same narration to begin this chapter. Here are 15 of the coolest Marvel and X-Men references in Dark Phoenix. 11/16/20 7:00PM. For a while, it was thought that Taylor Swift would be playing Dazzler in the X-Men universe. And to help you out, we picked out some of the movie's best. This may be the first X-Men movie to suggest that Charles Xavier made some questionable calls in his time as a de facto leader of mutantkind, but the comics got to that bombshells years ago. As a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in English Literature, Andrew has grown to appreciate the story and writing behind everything from blockbuster comic book movies to schlocky B-movie action. As ever, X-Men: Dark Phoenix has its fair share of Easter eggs and references to the comics and the other movies. That hasn't proved to be the case but Dazzler does still show up in Dark Phoenix, played by Halston Sage. A one-stop shop for all things video games. They'll be too busy honoring the end of an era by searching for the love letters hidden within the movie for only the die-hard to find. The fan-favorite X-Man who many felt deserved more than his cameo in X-Men: Days of Future Past (with a clever nod directly to his ability to manipulate energy). Easter eggs and references to DC, Rise of Skywalker's best Easter eggs & references, 10 Aquaman Easter eggs and Worlds of DC references, Why Wolverine isn't in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, X- Men confirmed to be doing a Dark Phoenix saga. Here's our breakdown of Dark Phoenix: Every X-Men & Marvel Easter Egg You Missed. But most viewers are likely to forget just how disastrous Charles Xavier's mission really turned out to be... until Hank McCoy tells Mystique that the two of them represent "the last of the first class" of mutant students. It Looks Like a Big Dark Phoenix Surprise Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Over the subsequent movies he would continue the role, before ultimately passing it on to Jean Grey. With the new Dark Phoenix trailer confirming the long-held theory that Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique will be the movie's big casualty, there's a whole host of new Easter eggs to take note of. Beginning with a basketball left behind on the court being slowly rolled aside as the pavement shifts, the new movie recreates the sequence--reminding fans to once again ask which of the X-Men is responsible for fetching the balls upon their return. Officially, Chastain's villain is Vuk, of the D'Bari people. Dark Phoenix's final scene is a nod to when Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr met decades earlier in First Class, the origin story that saw Xavier offering his new friend a home at his X-mansion. Dark Phoenix Trailer Breakdown and Easter Eggs - IGN Rewind. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Although the coolest Easter Egg fans want to catch in this scene comes AFTER the chess. Mutant Containment Unit?). Once the chess match is covered, the scene fades to black with a rise up to the sky, revealing the image… Whether it was mentally de-powering dangerous mutants, or erasing painful or inconvenient memories, some people knew that Charles Xavier wasn't a hero of the X-Men long ago. Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter account. Mutants. Per Dozen (25) Quick View. This closing chapter keeps that tradition alive, concluding the story with yet another match. John 3:16 Bracelet-Filled Plastic Easter Eggs - 12 Pc. In the original movies, the "psychics blocks" that he placed in Jean Grey's mind were brushed aside without a single question... but in the comics, his crimes were far more serious. Dark Phoenix Delivers X-Men's Last Great Easter Egg. When the X-Men first go to bring Jean home (leading to Mystique's death), there's a van that is in shot with the company name 'Bishop Power'. Despite calling the vast nothingness of the Canadian prairies home (or perhaps because of it) film and television have been a passion since birth. Pay close attention to the officers though as you'll see they're from the MCU (Mutant Control Unit? Red Hook is an actual town in New York state, but that's not what makes it an interesting choice. Get it? And so, when the first X-Men film opened, it was actor Patrick Stewart who introduced the world to the concept through voiceover. If you're not sure you'll be able to pick him out of the Washington crowd during Charles Xavier's speech, we recommend searching for an image, since Claremont's impossible to miss for anyone who knows him. But the choice does connect to the comics. And from the very first movie in this universe to the very end, Charles and Erik's games have been one of the most iconic. One of them is played by Chris Claremont, who worked on Uncanny X-Men from 1975-1991. This could either be a reference to time-travelling mutant Bishop, who we saw in the future section of Days of Future Past, or a street (Boulevard Bishop-Power) in Montréal where the majority of the movie was filmed. Werewolves of London This content is imported from YouTube. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) Soundtracks. 20. Comic book movie fans are used to looking for clues to the plot and characters in the film's official soundtrack. After an all-powerful cosmic force destroyed their home planet, Vuk and the surviving D'Bari followed the cosmic force across the universe in their spacecraft, watching as the force consumed everything in its path. The Dark Phoenix is a Legendary pet in Bubble Gum Simulator. Fans will remember when Jean Grey sacrificed herself to protect her teammates from rushing water in the second X-Men movie. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Is Hiding a Tiny X-Men Easter Egg. The obvious allusion to the approach of the Phoenix Force doesn't end there, though. Her gifts make her a 'psychic vampire,' consuming humans' life force to prolong her own immortality. In the background of a scene featuring Evan Peters' Quicksilver, for instance, a truck with the name "Bishop Power" on the side drives into shot. Either way it is a historical fact: Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute. What jokers. It's a nod to the Phoenix Force that soon bonds with Jean Grey, and since this final X-Men universe story is all hers, it's totally fitting. We've collected the very best Dark Phoenix Easter eggs, secrets, inside jokes, and huge Marvel references fans may have missed - and are breaking them all down here. But fans may be so busy asking why this all feels eerily familiar to notice one of the coolest Easter Eggs in the movie. Since the first X … Scoop behind 5 of the biggest X-Men Easter eggs in 'Dark Phoenix': From a dazzling debut to a new alien race (spoilers!) Prior to the film's release, director Simon Kinberg explained that he would be cutting out much of the original "Dark Phoenix" comic story, instead focusing on the stories and character arcs started with X-Men: First Class. As in that movie, the X-Jet comes out of the school's basketball court, with the opening doors causing a loose basketball to fall over the edge. Years from now, the truth may come out about the rumors that Jessica Chastain's villain, and the alien race she represents was intended to be Marvel's Skrulls. Screen Rant Editor Andrew Dyce was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Talking of that party, you'll also be able to spot another new mutant showing off his skills in the form of Ben Hamill, AKA Match, played by Lamar Johnson. So with one final SPOILER warning, let's get started. But when Dark Phoenix finds Magneto, he has put the years since Apocalypse to use in founding an island haven for mutants to escape the outside world. If the shot of the basketball making way for the X-Jet when the X-Men head into space feels familiar, it's because it's a neat homage to the very first X-Men movie back in 2000. During the reshot third act, pretty much every major mutant is captured and put on a secure train that, obviously, doesn't stay secure for long as Vuk attacks it. Here’s an Easter egg that’s not in the movie: a cameo from our favorite Canadian mutant, Wolverine. After the film ended, a sweeping shot over the waters showed another phoenix, heralding Jean's first rage and 'death.' The trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix dropped late last night and it appears that it might throw some shade at the MCU. It's a safe spot for all of them and they're largely left alone by the government. The tradition is kept alive with Dark Phoenix, even if it doesn't bear "X-Men" in its official title--with an added twist. What, Exactly? (We're guessing that Mystique got a statue or something.). But after being adapted into Captain Marvel as a key player in the MCU, the makers of Dark Phoenix were forced to come up with a different race of shape-shifting, nefarious operatives. To me, my X-Men Easter eggs! The song the radio is changed to is Warron Zevon's "Werewolves of London," once again drawing parallel between Jean Grey and the monster she becomes (with its piano riff now known for Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"). It's an obvious nod to Jean Grey being alive and well... but it's not the first time. In a perfect world, the property's return to Marvel would be cause for celebration, finally telling what mean comic fans believe to be one of the best stories in Marvel history: the Dark Phoenix Saga. Gallery — Every X-Men Movie Ranked: The Biggest X-Men Plot Holes. When Charles is enjoying his new-found fame and giving a speech at the White House, keep an eye on the crowd gathered. The chance of hatching it is 0.05% (1 in 2,000), or 0.1% (1 in 1,000) with the Lucky Chances gamepass. Much of that excitement originated in the above photo, teasing Dazzler's existence in the X-Men timeline. The X-Men weren't created by Chris Claremont, but he was absolutely the comic legend who made them, at the time, Marvel's most valuable franchise (both creatively and commercially). It isn't all that important for movie fans to recognize the singer at the forest party for the mutant kids, but most viewers will want to know why her appearance is sure to send other audience members squealing with delight. But Dark Phoenix goes one step further, alluding to the events in the movie itself. Dark Phoenix Trailer Easter Egg Fires Shots at the MCU? It Chapter Two's best Easter eggs and references, 9 Shazam! X-Men: Dark Phoenix has finally arrived to close out the Fox arm of the X-franchise--or, well, that is until New Mutants happens. Save when you shop our selection of Easter eggs, plastic Easter eggs, pre-filled eggs and more! With no better example than the question of where the team would keep their cutting edge aircraft... answered simply when the school's basketball court slowly opened to reveal the hangar below. For those unfamiliar, Selene is secretly one of the oldest mutants in history--potentially even older than Apocalypse, even if it means honoring her origins (and ignoring the later changes) above the famous villain's. The obvious parallels between Dark Phoenix and X-Men: The Last Stand are impossible to ignore, but the deja vu reaches critical mass when the X-Men head to Jean Grey's childhood home to try to reason with the growing force inside of her. We wonder which mutant says, "Can we have our ball back, please? Dark Phoenixis far from representing the best of this uneven, yet … All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While I left Dark Phoenix pretty disappointed, there was one Easter Egg included that made me more excited than pretty much anything else in the movie. X-Men: Dark Phoenix - or simply Dark Phoenix to give it its official name - was a long time coming and it's fair to say it was a difficult road. This actually happened in the comics too in 2011's X-Men: Schism, which saw a conflict between Wolverine and Cyclops that led to the splintering of the team. The use of a chess board in any film, or between any two rivals speaks for itself (with Xavier and Magneto's roles as light and dark kings just as evident). X-Men: Dark Phoenix director shares what's behind the MCU Easter egg. A producer on board for the likes of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Logan and now Dark Phoenix is Hutch Parker, who Screen Rant recently caught up with the discuss the enormity of the … The movie concludes by putting the era of X-Men to bed as Charles Xavier steps aside to let Hank McCoy act as headmaster of the school (a decision that, in this series of movies, actually makes perfect sense). Genosha has had a long history in the comics, at one point being destroyed by the Sentinels, who popped up in Days of Future Past. This early reaction to X-Men; Dark Phoenix says the movie fails on all levels and is an embarrassment to the whole cast and crew. (Photo: YouTube) That led Kinberg to cast The Orville star, Halston Sage, for the dialogue-free cameo.The director reveals that there’s a bonus Dazzler scene that didn’t make the final cut, which occurs right after Jean accidentally shuts down the party by losing control of her powers and injuring her fellow students. Those are all the Easter Eggs, Marvel Comic references, inside jokes, and secret details that we could find in Dark Phoenix, but there are sure to be more as the days, weeks, and months ahead reveal more and more. Find them all here! In the background, a truck can be seen that appears to advertise a business or utility bearing the name of "Bishop Power." read more – Complete Guide to Marvel Easter Eggs in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. At least, it wasn't in the original comic. It can be obtained by opening a Void Shard Egg. She's also been the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, which had a largely-erased role to play in the "Phoenix Saga" as well. But both the song playing, and the one she changes it to have serious implications on the plot. Comic book research will tell you that the D'Bari aliens were introduced as a one-off, tragic casualty of the Pehonix Force. This time around, it's a fiery red in honour of Phoenix. The final film pays homage to the first, and any fan who remembers the momentous occasion will spot it. Purchasing at the 72nd slot on Atlantis Rewards. If we've missed any, be sure to let us know in the comments! Gifted with psychic abilities, the story suggests that she is a minor player to the overall plot... which isn't true. MORE: The Complete X-Men Movie Timeline (From 2000 to Dark Phoenix). For a while, it was thought that Taylor Swift would be playing Dazzler in the … After Jean discovers that her father is still alive, she heads to her childhood home in Red Hook to talk to him. Dark Phoenix end the X-Men movie series with a TON of Easter eggs, Marvel Comic references, callbacks and connections. That makes Dark Phoenix the first proper X-Men movie to be entirely Hugh Jackman-free. The music and animation are all exactly the same as any other Fox movie, with the exception of the "X" remaining illuminated for a split second, after the rest of the logo fades to black. ... Glow-in-the-Dark He Has Risen Tomb Plastic Easter Eggs with Cross - 12 Pc. And with his departure comes a change of name in honor of Jean Grey, having escaped to a mysterious fate far from Earth. While the backstory of Vuk and the other D'Bari remains the same (the Phoenix force destroyed their world), pretty much everything else has changed from the comics where Vuk has a history with the Avengers. Proving just how inescapable the comparisons are going to be. He's keeping everyone warm by lighting a bonfire (even mutants got colds, you know), making the most of his ability to manipulate fire and not get burnt. By Matt Wilson / June 7, 2019 10:28 am EST / Updated: June 11, 2019 8:53 am EST. The following post contains SPOILERS for Dark Phoenix and also every single issue of X-Force that features Adam-X, the X-Treme. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is, by all appearances, the final installment in this incarnation of the franchise, and it goes out with a sense of finality and closure. So it's no surprise that the Dark Phoenix Saga was also one of his most well-remembered stories. Across the planet, debate rages. In the comics, it's been home to secret bases for Hydra and the Green Liberation Front, while Captain America also moved their after his civilian identity was revealed. Easter eggs you missed in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. #13681679 $ 6.28 was $ 9.99. 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You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, New Mutants director takes swipe at Dark Phoenix, Dark Phoenix is lowest-grossing X-Men film ever, Dark Phoenix's original end teased in concept art, Kinberg accepts blame for Dark Phoenix's failure, Dark Phoenix's original ending wouldn't fix it, X-Men: Dark Phoenix set to lose more than $100m, That Dark Phoenix character isn't actually dead, X-Men: Dark Phoenix sets an unwanted record, Dark Phoenix's original ending echoed Marvel film, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. The first song to play is "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" written by Jimmy Webb and made famous by singer Glen Campbell (not too shocking that the 1960s hit would lack some fans in the 1990s). Unfortunately, the world has different plans for the X-Men universe's last chapter. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. In their final battle, Vuk scolds Jean and says her emotions make her weak, but she corrects her and says, "My emotions make me strong". Before Raven's untimely demise, Hank shares a touching conversation with her while the kids are off partying, calling themselves the "last of the First Class", a nod to the soft reboot's title. DARK PHOENIX Spoilers - 15 X-MEN Easter Eggs, References, And Cameos You Need To See Dark Phoenix has crashed and burned both critically and commercially, but if … With the release of Dark Phoenix, the entire age of Fox's X-Men movies has come to an end, with the rights to the comic book mutants now returning to Marvel Studios. Charles Pulliam-Moore. After his death (just... don't ask) the 2000s saw many of Xavier's morally grey decisions brought to light. The time has finally comes. The one with the killer braids, that's technically Red Lotus (Andrew Stehlin), but since it's a mash-up of various comic book characters, including Red Lotus, the character is called Ariki. Jessica Chastain's mysterious villain turned out to be Vuk, one of the remaining survivors of the D'Bari Empire. While we don't get any Easter eggs for future movies (because, well, there won't be any), that doesn't mean there isn't plenty for X-Men fans to spot. Dark Phoenix is currently the most "rotten" X-Men adventure, but we doubt the most devoted fans will care. Dazzler is doing her all-singing, all-dancing thing to her own impressive light show. Dark Phoenix has brought the X-Men movies to a close by returning to The Dark Phoenix Saga, rounding out a run of movies that take Marvel's most famous comics and translate them to the X-Men movie world. 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer Has a Grant Morrison 'New X-Men' Easter Egg. It can also be obtained in the following ways: Purchasing at the 76th slot at Block Rewards. A nice sentiment, and basically the same realisation that Carol Danvers comes to in Captain Marvel. As in every X-Men movie, the X in 20th Century Fox lingers a bit longer than the rest of the name. Dark Phoenix - Review The MCU are literally coming to take the X-Men. More information With the release of Dark Phoenix, the X-Men universe that fans have followed across two decades and 12 movies officially arrives at its own Endgame. If New Mutants … Save your searching for the Easter egg hunt. Whether it's a game as friends, a game played inside of Magneto's cell, or a single piece confirming that Magneto hadn't lost his powers, each film has a memorable moment of its own. X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Easter Eggs and Reference Guide Features X-Men: Dark Phoenix is here and we're putting together all the various Marvel Comics references hidden throughout. Funny enough, it was previously rumored that Taylor Swift would play Dazzler in X-Men: Apocalypse, in what was expected to be a cameo role (no bigger than the appearance of Dazzler here). 4:48. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? X-Men: Dark Phoenix may be pretty far from the best mutant-centric movie the franchise has to offer--but that doesn't mean it didn't sneak a small handful of … Since the discovery of their existence they have been regarded with fear, suspicion, often hatred. Here, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde ran the school and changed the name to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, in honour of the first-ever student. It's hard to believe, but with Darwin killed in First Class, Havok blown up in X-Men: Apocalypse, Mystique finding autopsy photos confirming Angel was killed as part of Trask's 'Project WideAwake' in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Erik confirming that Banshee was also a casualty, it proves Beast is a true survivor. This Dark Phoenix Easter egg could lay the groundwork for Marvel Studios integrating the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by adapting … Whether or not Dark Phoenix is a good movie, it’s a good sign that the X-Men finally look like X-Men. It's a clear reference to Genosha, whether it's given the name or not, and most of the major X-Men arcs of the past half-century involve Genosha in one form or another. Note: Contains spoilers for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. It's not the only reference to X-Men: First Class either as, after Raven's death, Charles reminisces in the kitchen about the first time he met her when he caught her stealing food. The mutant nation of Genosha isn't officially mentioned in the film, nor is it the thriving metropolis of mutants that it is famous for in the pages of Marvel Comics. At an early point in the film a song plays over the radio that causes Jean Grey to want to change the station. Where previous X-Men films made Erik's Jewish history and heritage a more foundational element of his character, the parallels between his protected home for all mutants and the State of Israel are also clear. No surprise that he is given an appearance in the movie adaptation, either. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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