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rhinox beast machines

Episode 3, "Fires of the Past," features Megatron creates three Generals to lead his Vehicon drones to pursue the Maximals, hoping free will might give them an edge the drones lack. Rhinox proceeded to pull out a strange "gun," but instead of pointing it at her, he pointed it at himself and proceeded to "blow his brains out." The Probe When a Predacon plan to fake a Maximal victory was exposed, Rhinox was dismayed when Optimus and Cheetor insisted on leaving the Axalon with liftoff imminent in order to rescue Dinobot. Though Rhinox physically forced the ship's doors open, they were too late—Megatron had blasted Optimus Prime, causing a timestorm as history began to change. Don't make me pull this spark over. Beast Machines: Transformers. Revelations, Part 2. The Maximals subsequently were forced to tail the Predacons, and when Dinobot almost accidentally slagged Rhinox, it caused the ex-Predacon and Rattrap to come to blows. Nemesis, Part 2, Rhinox stood outside the Ark as Razorbeast's chronally dispaced Maximals passed by. In an alternate timeline, Rhinox joins his fellow Maximals in battling not only an entrenched Predacon threat, but the interdimensional monsters known as the Skriix. Rhinox and the other Maximals found themselves the victims of a Predacon ambush as they tried to secure the Energon themselves, and the cache ultimately fell into Predacon hands. Primal was soon able to overcome the effect, and freed the rest of the Maximals who then fought off Megatron. Beast Machines: Transformers is a 26-episode cartoon that aired in the US from 1999 to 2000, in support of the toyline of the same name. Chief engineer and stout warrior of the Maximals, Rhinox … Bonus Edition Vol. Cheetor tells Blackarachnia to 'fix' Rhinox. The Maximals are glad for that, because if he ever lost his ethical restraint, woe be to them. 7, The tall statures of Rhinox and the others at Axalon Co. was a source of grief for Rattrap, who disliked his small size. Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2. Bonus Edition Vol. Upon having eliminated the Predacon threat, Rhinox was part of Optimus Primal's roll call when he announced that the galaxy was now at peace. Beast Machines was the followup cartoon and toyline to Beast Wars; like its predecessor, it was animated entirely in CGI by Mainframe Entertainment but featured a massive change to the production and writing staff, and went from being in syndication to airing on Fox Kids in the US (it remained in Canada on YTV).It begins a new story with the characters of Beast … His command code is "pulverize". Dark Designs, Later, a stasis pod crash landed in a barren wasteland. Rhinox and the other Maximals left prehistoric Earth aboard the aforementioned Autobot shuttle and began the voyage home to Cybertron. He's a Renaissance Bot. Pretty heart-wrenching, really; another example of the stellar character development/change in Beast Machines. A Fuzor between a wolf and an eagle. Rhinox … Other Victories Once the situation was sorted out, the Maximals began searching for Megatron and his scattered forces. While he (wrongly) thought Primal would never use it, he knew Megatron would never take the chance! Rhinox joined his fellow Maximals in battling not only an entrenched Predacon threat, but the interdimensional monsters known as the Skriix. Tearing off the weapon, Rhinox coldly denounced Shockwave's lies, manipulations and mockery of faith, citing it as why the Maximals had turned against "Onyx Prime". He treated Fortress after he suddenly collapsed from the side effects of controlling Maximus. The Predacons were in much better condition, having also been mutated into Transmetals but with their numbers still intact. 1. When it came to Rattrap's Dinobots, the three joked about the toy weapons' resemblance to food and utensils until they all got hungry. The Mysterious Knowledgeable Grandpa Chapter He later watched in awe when the janitor revealed himself to be Alpha Trion and summoned Ultra Magnus into their universe. Due to his lack of a transmetal form, Rhinox was paralyzed and captured by Megatron … Some time later, he and Primal discovered that she had overheard their conversation about the concept, and fled in the belief they'd force her to go through with it. The Low Road, During the Planet Buster crisis, Rhinox was heavily damaged by Tarantulas and Blackarachnia when they infiltrated the Axalon, forcing him to spend the remainder of the crisis in a CR chamber, thereby preventing him from being upgrade into a Transmetal by the quantum surge.

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